Bobbi Brown Custom Engraved Lipsticks

In a world of so little day to day excitement, I got rather enthused about the new engraving service from Bobbi Brown. I usually have a complete aversion to things with my name on but know others don’t feel the same. I think this is pitching at Mother’s Day gifting but I feel its relevant for any time.

When engraving is offered I am always reminded of Will Self’s story of the Kellogg’s spoon when he and his son managed to get a free spoon from the cereal company (after saving endless tokens) engraved with the words Butt Munch. Other than that my aversion to Will Self is as strong as my aversion to things with my name on it.

I mean, there is nothing as far as I can see to prevent you from getting your own Butt Munch equivalent engraved – up to 11 characters if you felt like it.

I don’t think the shades are new but I’ve swatched them up anyway – the engraving is available on Luxe Lip and Luxe Lip Matte variants.