Shine Maker : Sisley Le Phyto Gloss Intense Glow Lipgloss

Nothing could be more up my beauty street than these extra shiny glosses from Sisley. They’re unashamedly at the luxury end of pricing at £39 so would fall into the treat category (for me, anyway).

I’m a fan of a Sisley gloss at the best of times – loved their Phyto-Lip Delights for summery, milky colour washes from a couple of years back. These, however, have a veil of mother-of-pearl shooting through the transparent colour that gives lips an immediate shot of light without looking glittery.

It’s the glow effect that make these so exceptional – it does the same as when you’ve massaged and newly moisturised your complexion in that everything looks plumper and more fresh. This is absolutely an every age product – it reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Brightening Glosses that are now discontinued (why? they were awesome). I gave one to a friend’s mum well into her 70’s and it was the most lovely effect that brightened her whole face.

There are plenty of shades, and ingredient wise, hyaluronic, shea and macadamia are key players making the formula neither oily nor sticky. Shades from bottom to top are Sunset, Milkyway (my favourite), Twilight and Moon. Some are a little more shimmery than others with Twilight and Moon having more in the way of sparkle than Sunset and Milkyway. If you just want light, opt for those but if you’re happy to have sparkle, the latter two are best.